Vape Pens are the Best Among All Vape Mods—Here’s Why

Vape pens are the founding father of all vaping mods. Before there were box mods, squonk, or the disposable vapes trending today, there were vape pens. Here’s a quick dive into what makes a vape pen the most significant vape mod.

Best Ergonomic Design Among All Known Vape Mods

The most notable feature of a vape pen is its design. It is straightforward looking. It can be stored in the pants pocket without any issue, always on the go. The only known drawback of its design is that only a few components can fit inside, limiting future upgrades. But due to the continuous growth of technology, vape pens only grew so much stronger. Vape pens now appear shorter and slimmer but with significant upgrades as it develops.

A disposable vape pen variant is now available. Disposable vape pens are way more compact than their previous versions. Since they are disposable, they were lighter and cheaper than a vape pen starter kit 10 years ago. Vape pens may not be the same ones we knew, but the solid quality and satisfaction they bring are still there with tons of upgrades.

What Makes a Certain Vape Mod a Vape Pen?

Contrary to the old belief that a vape pen is a mod that is cylindrical design, vape pens are not exclusively cylindrical. There are vape pens that look like a piece of Jenga blocks, very slim vape pens that look like a USB stick, and one with wavey sides. A vape mod that gives the same gesture as how smoking a cigarette stick is supposed to be are considered a vape pen mod. The primary purpose of its design is to entice people to shift to vaping to avoid the dangers of smoking a cigarette without compromising the established muscle memory of smoking. It does the same gestures and habits, but less harms a person’s lungs. Also, not all pods are vape pens, and not all vape pens are pods.

Evolution of Vape Pen Mods

In the past, the vape pen looks like a pen than an electronic counterpart of a cigarette. Vape pens are commonly made out of hard plastic that is usually transparent. You may see all the wirings and components inside of the device. There’s the e-liquid tank on one end and the mouthpiece tip on the other. The tank is prefilled with e-liquid and is not refillable.

Also, charging the battery is not an option as well. Everything is fixed and not changeable. The first commercial vape pen builds are almost everything disposable after emptying the e-juice tank. Vape pens now became bulkier and made out of metal. The mouthpiece tip from before will now become atomizers and is available in different forms. The RDA, RTA, and the hybrid RDTA are where vapers are now meant to build their coils and wick some cotton before using the device. E-juices will now be refillable and come in a separate bottle instead of attached to the device. This is the era where vape pens are bulkier, heavier, and more expensive than they used to be since everything is reusable and interchangeable. Now, disposable vape pens have emerged and succeeded wildly in the current market. Disposable vape pens are slimmer, smarter, and more efficient than ever.

Final Thoughts

Things changed in the vaping community regarding its products offered and the community’s consumption. But the drastic change can be seen in the vast number of people saving their lungs and lives by shifting to vape and avoiding the danger of smoking cigarettes. And when it comes to that great cause, all mods are superior for saving people’s lungs by shifting into vaping.



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